(English Title) / Original Title: Yo y Las Bestias

A film by Nico Manzano


After begrudgingly separating from his band due to personal and political internal tensions, a Venezuelan musician tries to start his solo project from scratch, while balancing his daily life as a third-world country millennial, the emotional turmoil of accepting a new creative phase, and the symptoms of a nation-wide crisis that is beyond his sphere of control.

With most of his friends leaving the country, he starts feeling more and more alienated from his immediate environment while searching for a new creative voice. As he tries his best to evade the frustrations of making art in contemporary Venezuela, two mysterious masked beings will appear every now and then to keep him company and, maybe, give him a needed push in the right direction.

Status: Final stages of post-production

Year: 2021

Genres: Comedy, Drama, Fantasy

Country: Venezuela

Runtime: 78 min



Founded in Venezuela, Linterna Studio is a film production company based in Caracas and Mexico City. Formed by Nico Manzano, Ricardo Espinoza and Alan Ohep.